Coronavirus -Club closed: Roll-up arrangements

Should any members wish to have a roll-up we have installed a box at B-Green with some mats and jacks together with some hand wash.

As the club is now closed the box is secured with a combination lock.

Unfortunately it is set quite close to the ground and you may need your glasses to work on the lock.

You will have received an email with the lock combination.

The rear toilet area is now designated UNISEX so please try to keep it clean and, gentlemen, when using the urinal please flush every time.

Following the decree by the Federal Government via the Prime Minister’s speech on Sunday evening the Club is now officially closed.

This includes all club and corporate functions and activities.

The bar has been closed forthwith but we have considerable stock that we expect to dispose of within the membership at cost.

Alan Pitman will arrange for members to purchase in accordance with a separate e-mail.

The club will remain closed to members but we will endeavour to make available mats and jacks for those members wishing to have roll-ups (see above).

It is expected that all members participating in roll-ups will continue to follow the health recommendations of hand washing, no touching and appropriate separation.

Further advice will be forwarded to members as things develop.