• Sunday, February 24 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Movie nights at the Sommerville

It’s time we got together somewhere other than our bowling rink ….,
There’s nothing like the company of friends whilst sharing a relaxed self packed picnic, or maybe a pizza or curry purchased at the movie  with an alcoholic beverage of choice, watching the sun set before enjoying a great comedy or thriller in the beautiful surrounds of the SOMMERVILLE  open air theatre …..
Your social committee has selected two movies from this year’s presentations …
purely to promote friendship and goodwill

Sunday 24th February

Juliette Binoche in a sophisticated sex and ideas  comedy.
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All tickets now $15pp.

Usual senior discount price is $16:50.
Be the first to add your names and the names of any friends you choose to bring to the list on the board near the bar  – we look forward to sharing with you.
Your social committee