Boundary Hedge replacement 2017

Replacement of border hedge with limestone and aluminium 2017

After bowls on Saturday 7th October 2017 President Chris Richardson assembled the bowlers at the South gate of the new fence and announced that the completion of works for the new fence concluded the redevelopment project which had covered a five year period from planning to completion. This included work on the clubhouse, the greens, and the grounds, and was a spend of approximately one million dollars.

He paid tribute to the many volunteers who have contributed greatly over that five year period and the many who continue to contribute in many ways around the club today.

Chris also made mention of the work of our members with engineering backgrounds – our University trained engineer, John Shaw, our engineer trained at the school of hard knocks at Williams, George Klug, and our Gingin trained engineer, David Wood.

A plaque, recognising the ten years that John McCormack has spent trimming the hedges the new 228 metre fence has replaced, was unveiled on the limestone wall next to the South gate.

David Steinberg congratulated Chris Richardson on the the success of the improvements to the club to which Chris has devoted many years of extraordinary single-minded effort. The club has been fortunate to have Chris as the driving force behind the project

JMac plaque opening.jpg

Following are pictures of the fence replacement as the work progressed

DNBC Boundary Fence Replacement 2017

18 August 2017

Behind “A” Green

Hedge Removal 1

Behind “B” Green

Hedge Removal 2

Along Victoria Avenue

Hedge Removal 3

23 August 2107

Limestone wall started

26 August 2017
Wall 26 August

Wall 26 August 2

Wall 2
Wall 3

Wall 3

Wall 4

 28 August 2017

Wall 28/8/17 1

Wall 28/8/17 2

Wall 28/8/17 3

31 August 2017


Wall 2

Wall 3

Wall 4

Wall 4

2 September 2017
Wal 2/10 1

Wall 2/10 2

Wall 2/10 3

Wall 2/10 4

Wall 2/10 5

Wall 2/10 6

Wall 2/10 7

Wall 2/10 8

15 September 2017  Aluminium Fence started
Wall fence 1

Wall fence 2

 20 September 2017
Wall 20/9/17 1

Wall 20/9/17 2

 Fence finished 25 September 2017
Wall finished 1

Wall finished 2

Wall finished 3

Wall finished 4

Wall finished 5

Wall finished 6

Wall finished 7

7th October 2017 – Completion of works and recognising the ten years of hedge trimming carried out by John McCormack
John McCormack with plaque