Great Christmas Lunch held @ The Club

Huge thank you to everybody that worked so hard towards the club 2019 Christmas lunch.

Brian page, George Klug and a team of workers set up the room last night …

John Pole  came in before the sun rose this morning to do the floors after last nights festivities.

Robin, Julia, Leigh and Penny with help from Sue and Sally made thé room magical .

Entrée seafood was purchased from Fins Seafood, owned by Robin Cordin’s son … and picked up and delivered by Rod Tilt .

David Torre from Torre Butcher’ Lake Street  provided, cooked and delivered our sensational main course to perfection ……

Thank you to Alan Pitman and Taylor in the bar and especially to my kitchen team ……

My family for varying  their day jobs and staffing our event and particularly Jenny Golding for starting food préparation with me early this morning, inspiring confidence with her efficiency and staying till the sun set and Ann Clements who quietly came into the kitchen at the end and started washing up the buffet trays ….

Huge thank you to everyone attending and also  supporting our Christmas raffle ,

There is an African saying that It takes a village to raise a child ….
It also takes members  working together as a community to make a successful club – thank you all for today,

Jan Steinberg

Also, to answer the most repeatedly asked question, the puddings came from Coles… made  more delicious with a topping of Berwyn Woods brandy sauce.

Click here for all photos of the event

Jenny Golding and the Steinberg family who did such a wonderful job preparing and serving the food

Penny, Sally, Robin, Julia, Leigh and Sue who decorated the function room so well