Ken & Sophie: A great story

From the Joondalup Club website
Story and photo by Ren Plummer.
A great story was unfolding before my eyes on D1 the rink next door to ours on Saturday 14th January. Our Joondalup mixed gender side of 3rd Kerri Powell 2nd Sophie Hays lead Linda Bye expertly guided by skip Nigel Poulton locked horns in an epic battle against a very experienced all Men’s team from Dalkeith Nedlands. Our team finally got across the line after coming back from a substantial deficit to help Joondalup win the aggregate by 12.
But the most interesting part of this game were the two opposing seconds. Sophie Hays from Joondalup just 12 years old from our juniors and 97 year old Ken Brooke from Dalkeith Nedlands. Ken raced yachts most of his life and was the starting judge for our America’s Cup campaigns. What a wonderful advertisement for our game where we see the very youngest learning from the wily old veterans and having fun doing it. Well played guys.